Bouldering is a fun and challenging sport, but not entirely without risks. We offer you the facilities to climb and fall safely, however, you remain responsible for your own actions when climbing, falling or jumping off. Don't do anything that feels unsafe. To ensure that everyone can enjoy 9 Degrees in a safe and responsible manner, we provide house rules and safety rules that need to be adhered to. 


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Every person climbing at 9 Degrees needs to sign a waiver on their first visit. A signed waiver is valid across all of our facilities so you will not need to re-sign when visiting a different 9 Degrees.

No waiver, no climbing.

For any climbers under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must also sign the form.


To fill out our waiver ahead of your visit, please visit this link.
We cannot accept scanned, photographed or emailed waivers. If you are signing the waiver at home please make sure to bring the original hand signed copy when you visit.

House Rules

Every customer needs to check in at the front desk at the beginning of each visit. This will include filling our your waiver form if it is your first time. Customers are required to have read the house rules and general conditions to boulder at 9 Degrees. By using our facilities you are under the obligation and have agreed to abide by these rules and conditions.

The house rules include:
- Follow all instructions from staff
- The mats are a landing zone and must be kept free at all times. Do not sit or walk around on the mats
- Empty your pockets and remove any jewellery before climbing (jewellery can catch on holds and cause injury)
- Leave plenty of space between you and other climbers on the wall
- Warm up properly before climbing anything you find challenging and cease climbing if you feel pain
- Shoes must be worn when climbing

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Safety When Falling

Falling is an integral part of bouldering, especially when attempting challenging climbs. That does not mean that one simply lets go and hopes for the best! At all times a climber must be mentally prepared for a fall and have a good sense of the risks involved. Every time you land on the mats there is risk involved. This risk must always be reduced as much as possible by the participant. Never attempt anything that feels unsafe or uncontrolled.

The best ways to keep safe when falling:
- Always climb down when possible
- Land on both feet to distribute your impact
- Allow the mat to absorb your impact
- Avoid landing with twisted ankles or knees, always avoid rotation
- Don't just bend forward at the waist when landing: absorb the impact by bending your knees
- Practise soft falling and rolling
- Before you begin a climb check that you will not be climbing too close to anyone else

9 Degrees Safe Landing Induction Video